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Francesca Della Rocca

Post-doc Researcher
Address Palazzo "Botta2", Via Ferrata 9, 27100 Pavia
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2004-2007 PhD in Animal Biology at University of Rome "La Sapienza".

2002-2003 Master in Conservation Biology at University of Rome "La Sapienza"

1996-2002 Master of Science (MS) in Biological Sciences, at University of Rome "Roma Tre" (110/110 lode)

Curriculum vitae  
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Teaching experience

Course: LABORATORY OF METHODS AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE ENVIRONMENT,  BSc of Biological Sciences, Department of Biology and Biotechnology. Per i programmi dei corsi, per le date degli appelli e per iscriversi agli esami, si veda Laurea Triennale in Scienze Biologiche


  1. The importance of dead wood for the conservation of forest ecosystem  in the course of Zoocenosis and nature conservation held by Prof. G. Bogliani, University of Pavia. 
  2. The Power Analysis as a tool for planning sampling protocols, in the course of Statistical analysis of ecological data, held by Prof. L. Luiselli, University of Rome “Roma Tre”. 
  3. Ecology and reproductive biology of Salamandrina terdigitata in the course of Animal Ecology, held by Prof. M. Bologna.

Teaching assistant (from 1999 to 2005):  in the course of  Zoology and Animal Diversity, held by Prof.  R. Argano. Department of Animal and Human Biology, University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

9 Past student theses co-supervision and  currently I'm supervising 1 undergraduate

Research experience

Biodiversity Management and Conservation - Management of natual areas and rare species.

I’ve experience in the field of Biodiversity Management and Conservation. In addition to a Bachelor, Master and PhD concerning mainly this field I also have 10 years of experience working in projects aimed at the management of natural areas or rare species. I started monitoring amphibians and fishes (Ciclidi) and factors affecting wetland ecosystem in Italy and Africa (Uganda, Kenya). Then I specialised in forest ecosystem management , monitoring saproxylic beetles species (such as Lucanus cervus and Osmoderma eremita) and  analysing the effect of deadwood volume on species richness. Part of my researches are also dedicated to the management of animal diversity in natural and agricoltural ecosystems.

One of my best achievements concerns the development of an action plan for monitoring spectacled salamander (Salamandrina terdigitata) and for managing its habitat. This plan was completely elaborated by me and was implemented by the “Ente Roma Natura” (the institution which manage the urban parks of Rome, Italy). During this tree years project I also trained park staff in monitoring techniques.

My lasts and important achievements were:

1) Elaboration of some actions in the LIFE project LIFE14 NAT/IT/000209 – EREMITA – entitled “Coordinated actions to conserve remaining isolated populations of forest insects in Emilia-Romagna region”. The project passed the evaluation process of European Commissions and will start at the end of 2015;  

2) Implementation of many deadwood management measures which are the results of my last three years of research in this field. This measures were used by Ticino Regional Park to work out the management plan for the SCI (Site of Community Importance “Boschi Negri e Moriano” and “ Boschi di Vaccarizza” in Ticino Regional Park, Italy. I'm still using my results for actions aimed at increasing deadwood in the forests of northern Italy



Romiti, F., Bissattini, A.,Buono, V., Cifarelli, C., Della Rocca, F., Akani, G., Luiselli, L., Carpaneto, G., Superti, V., Vignoli, L. (2016).  A simple tool to make a long story short: Photographic Identification Method (PIM) using natural body marks. Current Zoology (submitted)

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Della Rocca F., Stefanelli S., Bogliani G. 2016. Robinia pseudoacacia as a surrogate for native tree species for saproxylic beetles inhabiting the riparian mixed forests of northern Italy. Agricultural and Forest Entomology. DOI: 10.1111/afe.12157

Stefanelli S., Della Rocca F., Bogliani G., 2014. Saproxylic beetles of the Po plain woodland, Italy. Biodiversity data journal, DOI: 10.3897/BDJ.2.e1106

Della Rocca F., 2014. I coleotteri saproxilici delle foreste del Parco. In: Casale F., Sala D., Bellani A. (a cura di), 2014. Il patrimonio faunistico del Parco del Ticino negli anni 2000. Parco lombardo della Valle del Ticino e Fondazione Lombardia per l'Ambiente: 183-197 

Vignoli L., D'Amen M., Della Rocca F., Bologna M.A., Luiselli L., 2014. Contrasted influences of moon phases on the reproduction and movement patterns of four amphibian species inhabiting different habitats in central Italy. Amphibia-Reptilia, 35 (2): 247-254

Della Rocca F., Stefanelli S., Campanaro A., Pasquaretta C., Bogliani G. 2014. Effect of deadwood management on saproxylic beetles richness in the floodplain forests of northern Italy: some measure for a deadwood sustainable use. J. Insect Conservation 18: 121-136.

Della Rocca F., Vignoli L., 2009.  La Salamandrina dagli occhiali. Gli studi e le guide di Roma Natura 1. Ente Regionale RomaNatura, Roma, pp 64

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Della Rocca F., 2007. How tall is an elephant? Two methods for estimating elephant height. Web Ecology 7: 1–10.

Ardovini A., Cinque L., Della Rocca F. & Sangineto E., 2007. A Semi-automatic Approach to Photo Identification of Wild Elephants. IbPRIA (1) 2007: 225-232

Della Rocca F., Vignoli L. & Bologna M.A., 2005. The Reproductive biology of Salamandrina terdigitata (Caudata, Salamandridae). Herpetological Journal 15(4): 273-278

Current Research projects
  1. CARIPLO foundation project FRAGENZIANE - Fragmented Gentiana pneumonanthe populations, habitats and associated fauna in local ecological network. Actions for restoring Gentiana pneumonanthe populations and its associated species such as the butterfly Maculinea alcon
  2. CARIPLO foundation project AMBROSIANO. The aim is to identify and to pilot test the process, policies and operational mechanisms needed for the implementations of an ecological corridor between the Alto-Milanese natural park and the Ticino Valley natural park.
  3. Management of wetland ecosystems  in the Po valley, Italy: CARIPLO foundation and Ticino Park project “verso la nuova Pac”.
  4. Forest management experimental researches in Bosco Siro-Negri, Ticino Valley regional Park: Research projects aimed at the evaluation of deadwood quality and quantity for forest management and biodiversity conservation
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