Areas of Research Interest

  • Landscape Ecology and Wildlife Management: Planning, Survey and Censusing
  • Behavioural Ecology: Breeding investment and Sexual selection; Bioacustics and Animal communication; Aggression, Defense and Foraging
  • Evolutionary Biology: Colour Polymorphism, Signal Evolution, Phenotypic Plasticity

Model organisms

  • Birds: herons, waterfowl, owls, swifts, barn swallows, bee-eaters, gulls
  • Reptiles: terrestrial tortoises, lizards
  • Amphibians: frogs
  • Crustaceans: freshwater crayfish

Current Projects

  • Sperm Competition and Cryptic female choice in Italian freshwater crayfish.
  • Evolution and maintenance of colour polymorphism in Birds (Strigiformes) and Reptiles (Lacertidae).
  • Signals and communication in Reptiles (Testudinidae).
  • Anatomical and neuro-physiological plasticity in defence behaviour of tadpoles (Ranidae)

Scientific Productivity

  • He authored 186 scientific articles consisting of 95 full papers (73 on ISI journals), 62 proceedings from national and international Conferences, 16 books and book chapters,13 contributes on popular magazines.
  • International citations: 1230, h-index: 19
  • Conference participation as contributor, invited speaker or chairman: 56

Other scientific activity

  • 2003 - 2007 Editor of Avocetta, international Journal of Ornithology.
  • He acts as a Referee for32 international and 3 national Journals: Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Evolution, PLOS One, Evolutionary Biology, Biology Letters, Oikos, Behavioral Ecology, Animal Behaviour, Aggressive Behaviour, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Journal of Avian Biology, Ethology, AUK, The Condor, Ibis, Bioacustics, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Journal of Zoology (London), Canadian Journal of Zoology, Ethology Ecology & Evolution, Journal of Field Ornithology, Wilson Bullettin, Ardeola, Acta Oecologica, The Journal of Raptor Research, Folia Zoologica, Animal Biology (formerly Netherland Journal of Zoology), Journal of Wildlife Research, Biota, Ornitologia Neotropical, Zoology and Ecology (formerly Acta Zoologica Lituanica, Italian Journal of Zoology, Avocetta, Rivista Italiana di Ornitologia, Acta Biologica.
  • He acts as a Referee for International and National Research Projects: National Science Foundation (USA), University of Padua, MURST/MIUR (COFIN-PRIN).
  • He acts as ad-hoc Consultant for Lombardy Regional Government, Regional Park of the River Ticino Valley, Regional Park of the Bergamo Hills, Piedmont Regional Government, Provincial Governments of Alessandria, Pavia, Piacenza, Trieste, Oristano, National Institute for Wildlife Biology. National Committee for Electrical Energy (ENEL), Italian Petroleum Agency (AGIP), CONOCO Italy, National Geographic Society.


Unione Zoologica Italiana (U.Z.I.), Società Italiana di Etologia (S.I.E.), Associazione Nazionale Musei Scientifici (A.N.M.S.), World Working Group on Birds of Prey & Owls (W.W.G.B.P.), Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB), National Geographic Society

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