Selected Publications (2000-2013)


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  • SACCHI R., PELLITTERI-ROSA D, MARCHESI M., GALEOTTI P. & FASOLA M. 2013 A comparison among sexual signals in courtship of European tortoises. Journal of Herpetology 47: 215-221. I.F. 1.077.
  • GALEOTTI P., SACCHI R., PELLITTERI-ROSA D., BELLATI A., COCCA W., GENTILLI A., SCALI S. 2013. Colour Polymorphism and Alternative Breeding Strategies: Effects of Parent’s Colour Morph on Fitness Traits in the Common Wall Lizard. Evolutionary Biology 40: 385-394. DOI:10.1007/s11692-012-9222-3. I.F. 3. 61
  • SACCHI R., PELLITTERI-ROSA D, GALEOTTI P. & FASOLA M. 2013. Colour variation in the polymorphic common wall lizard (Podarcis muralis): an analysis using the RGB colour system. Zoologischer Anzeiger 252: 431-439. I.F. 


  • GALEOTTI P., BERNINI G., LOCATELLO L., SACCHI R., RUBOLINI D., FASOLA M. 2012. Sperm traits negatively covaries with size and asymmetry of a secondary sexual trait in a freshwater crayfish. PLOS/One 7(8). e43771. I.F. 4.092.doi:10.1371/journal pone.0043771.
  • SERRA L., PIRRELLO S., CAPRIOLI M., GRIGGIO M., ANDREOTTI A., ROMANO A., PILASTRO A., SAINO N., SACCHI R., GALEOTTI P., FASOLA M., SPINA F., RUBOLINI D. 2012. Seasonal decline of offspring quality in the European starling Sturnus vulgaris: an immune challenge experiment. Behavioural Ecology & Sociobiology 66: 697-709. I.F. 3.179
  • SACCHI R., PELLITTERI-ROSA D, GALEOTTI P., ZUFFI, M. A. L., FASOLA M. 2012. Studying the reproductive biology of the Common wall lizard Podarcis muralis using ultrasonography. Journal of Zoology 287: 301-310. I.F. 2.043.
  • PELLITTERI-ROSA D., SACCHI R., PUPIN F., BELLATI A., COCCA W., GENTILLI A., GALEOTTI P., FASOLA M. 2012. Testing the ability to store sperm: an experimental manipulation of mating opportunities in the common wall lizard, Podarcis muralis . Acta Herpetologica 7: 111-118. I.F. 0.580.
  • SACCHI R., PELLITTERI-ROSA D.,BELLATI A., SCALI S., TRONCONI D., GALEOTTI P., FASOLA M. 2012. Biological correlates of two dorsal color pattern types in the Common Wall Lizard, Podarcis muralis (Laurenti, 1768). Herpetozoa25: 3-11. I.F. 0.389.
  • DE MARCHI G., FASOLA M., CHIOZZI G., BELLATI A., GALEOTTI P. 2012. Sex discrimination of Crab Plovers (Dromas ardeola) by morphometric traits. Waterbirds 35: 332-337. I.F. 0.757.


  • BELLATI A., PELLITTERI-ROSA D., SACCHI R., NISTRI A., GALIMBERTI A., CASIRAGHI M., FASOLA M., GALEOTTI P. 2011. Molecular survey of morphological subspecies reveals new mitochondrial lineages in Podarcis muralis (Squamata: Lacertidae) from the Tuscan Archipelago (Italy). Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 49: 240-250. I.F. 1.384
  • PELLITTERI ROSA D., SACCHI R., GALEOTTI P., MARCHESI M., FASOLA M. 2011. Courtship displays are condition-dependent signals that reliably reflect male quality in Greek Tortoises. Chelonian Conservation and Biology 10: 10-17. I.F. 0.808
  • GALEOTTI P., SACCHI R., PELLITTERI ROSA D., FASOLA M. 2011. The yellow cheek-patches of the Hermann’s tortoise: sexual dimorphism and relationship with body condition. Italian Journal of Zoology 78: 464-470. I.F. 0.843


  • Pellitteri-Rosa D., Sacchi R, Galeotti P., Marchesi m., Fasola M. 2010. Do Hermann’s tortoises (Testudo hermanni) discriminate colours? An experiment with natural and artificial stimuli. Italian Journal of Zoology 76: 481-491. I.F. 0.843
  • SACCHI R., SCALI S., PELLITTERI-ROSA D., PUPIN F., GENTILLI A., TETTAMANTI S., CAVIGIOLI L., RACINA L., MAIOCCHI V., Galeotti P., FASOLA M. 2010. Photographic identification in reptiles: a matter of scales. Amphibia Reptilia 31: 489-502. I.F. 0.976
  • Galeotti P., PELLITTERI-ROSA D., SACCHI R., GENTILLI A., PUPIN F., RUBOLINI D., FASOLA M. 2010. Sex-, morph- and size-specific susceptibility to stress measured by haematological variables in captive common wall lizard Podarcis muralis.Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology A. 157: 354-363. I.F. 2.134


  • GALEOTTI P., RUBOLINI D., PUPIN F., SACCHI R., ALTOBELLI E., NARDI P. A., FASOLA M. 2009. Presence of rivals reduces mating probability but does not affect ejaculate size in the freshwater crayfish Austropotamobius italicus.Behaviour 146: 45-68. I.F. 1.604
  • SACCHI R., PUPIN F. GENTILLI A., RUBOLINI D., SCALI S, FASOLA M., GALEOTTI P. 2009. Male-male combats in a polymorphic lizard: residency and size, but not colour, affect fighting rules and contest outcome.Aggressive Behavior 35: 274-283. I.F. 1.240
  • GALEOTTI P., RUBOLINI D., SACCHI R., FASOLA M. 2009. Global changes and animal phenotypic responses: melanin-based plumage redness of scops owls increased with temperature and rainfall during the last century.Biology Letters 5: 532-534. I.F. 3.521


  • RuBolini D., Brichetti P., Galeotti P., Fasola M. 2008. Recent decline of Italian Sparrow Passer italiae urban populations in northern Italy. IBIS 150: 177-181. I.F. 1.219
  • GALEOTTI P., RUBOLINI D., PUPIN F., SACCHI R., FASOLA M. 2008 Sperm removal and ejaculate size correlate with chelae asymmetry in a freshwater crayfish species. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 62: 1739-1745. I.F. 2.917 


  • GALEOTTI P., PUPIN F., RUBOLINI D., SACCHI R., NARDI P. A., FASOLA M. 2007. Effects of female mating status on copulation behaviour and sperm expenditure in the freshwater crayfish Austropotamobius italicus. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology61: 711-718. I.F. 2.754
  • Ficetola G. F., Sacchi R., Scali F., Gentilli A. , De Bernardi, Galeotti P. 2007.Vertebrates respond differently to human disturbance: implications for the use of a focal species approach.Acta Oecologica 31: 109-118. I.F. 1.306.
  • Rubolini D., Sacchi R., Pupin F., Scali F., Gentilli A., Razzetti E, Galeotti P., Fasola M. 2007. Morph-specific immunity in male Podarcismuralis. Amphibia-Reptilia 28: 408-412. I.F. 0.929
  • Sacchi R, Scali S, Galeotti P., Fasola M 2007. The numerical encoding of scale morphology highly improves photographic identification in lizards. Acta Herpetologica2: 27-35. I.F. 0.580.
  • RUBOLINI D., GALEOTTI P., PUPIN F., SACCHI R., FASOLA M: 2007. Repeated mating and sperm depletion in relation to body size among freshwater crayfish Austropotamobius italicus males. Freshwater Biology 52: 1898-1906 I.F. 2.650.
  • Sacchi R., Pupin F., Zuffi M. A. L., Scali S., Boncompagni E., Binda A., Galeotti P., Fasola M. 2007. Blood cell morphology of the Moorish gecko, Tarentola mauritanica. Amphibia-Reptilia 28: 503-508.I.F. 0.929.
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  • PUPIN F., SACCHI R., GENTILLI A., GALEOTTI P., FASOLA M. 2007. Discrimination of 
  • toad calls by smooth newts: support for the heterospecific attraction hypothesis. Animal Behaviour 74:1683-1690. I.F. 2.752


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  • SACCHI R., SAINO N., GALEOTTI P. 2002. Features of begging calls reveal general condition and need of food of barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) nestlings. Behavioral Ecology13: 268-273. I.F. 2.449
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