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Michelangelo Morganti

Post-doc researcher
Sede Palazzo "Botta2", Via Ferrata 9, 27100 Pavia
Telefono 0382 98 6830
Fax 0382 98 6290
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Research Interests

I am an evolutionary biologist with a strong background in field ornithology. Indeed, I’m a bird ringer and a passionate birdwatcher too. Overall, I'm interested in the ability of animals - birds in particular -  to adapt when faced to environmentally-induced selective pressures.In this context, I’m interested in how morphological and behavioural traits can adapt but also in how selective pressures may influence populational parameters and spatial distribution.

Among behavioural traits, I have a particular interest in migration, which I studied under a range of different perspectives and on different model species (i.e. black redstart, blackcap, lesser kestrel, fieldfare).

Currently, I apply my researches to conservation purposes, working in the framework of the Action A.11 of EU LIFE Gestire 2020. In particular, I study the wetland bird communities of Lombardy, with a special dedication to those of the subalpine lakes and marshes. 

Education PhD in Biology.24 May 2014, ‘The potential of migratory birds to adapt to glbal change: lessons from European long-distance migrants and Iberian Blackcaps’. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. Supervisors: Prof. Francisco Pulido, Prof. Oscar Gordo.

MsC in Evolutionary Biology. September 2009. ‘Trans-Saharan migrants wintering in the Mediterranean region of Spain: species involved, temporal and geographical dynamics’. Supervisor: Prof. Francisco Pulido

MsC in Natural Sciences. February 2008. ‘Stopover dynamics of migrating Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros) across Mediterranean sea during spring and fall migration: influence of body conditions and weather’. Supervisors: Prof. Giuseppe Bogliani, Prof. Diego Rubolini

BsC in Natural Sciences. December 2005. ‘Constant effort ringing: monitoring bird’s population in Adda Natural Park, Lombardia, Italy’. Supervisor: Prof. Giuseppe Bogliani

Scientific and professional activities

Research fellowship holder (May – Aug 2016). Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Milan Bicocca. Supervisor: Prof. Roberto Ambrosini. Funding: UNIMIB research fund, grant ref: 16B048

XXVI Course of the International School of Ethology: ‘The impact of Climate Change on Animal Populations’. Ettore Majorana Foundation. Erice (TP – Sicilia). 9 - 14 Nov 2015.

Post-doc researcher (Jun 2014 – Dec 2015). Laboratory of Zoogeography and Animal Ecology (LABZEA), Università di Palermo, Italy. Supervisor: Prof. Maurizio Sarà. Funding: “Climate and populations”. Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research [PRIN 2010–2011, 20108 TZKHC].

PhD Course: ‘Ecology of Animal Migration’, CanMove (Centre for Animal Movement ), University of Lund – Sweden . Oct 2011.

Guest PhD, (Sep 2011 - Jan 2012). CanMove (Centre for Animal Movement), University of Lund – Sweden, Supervisor: Prof. Susanne Akesson. Funding: Beca Estancia F.P.U, Spanish Ministry of Education.

PhD Course: 'Ecological Consequences of Climate Changes: Integrating Research Approaches’. Doñana Biological Station. (EBD-CSIC, Sevilla, Spagna,  ). 20 Sep – 1 Oct 2010.

PhD Fellowship (Jul 2009 – May 2014).Departamento de Zoologìa y Antropologia Fisica, Universidad Complutense Madrid - Spain. Supevisors: Prof. Franciso Pulido, Prof. Oscar Gordo. Funding: Formaciòn Profesorado Universitario (F.P.U.) Ministerio de Educaciòn. AP2008_00632.

Avian Field technician. Mar 2013.Tier3 Solutions GMbh, Frankfurt, Germany.

Contracted Avian scientific ringer. (Several occasions 2008 – 2013).



Zoology. Aristhothelis University of Thessaloniki (Greece) 2018. 

Zoology.  University of Palermo, Academic Year 2014/2015. BsC in Agricultural Sciences and technologies.

Biology.  Universidad Complutense de Madrid. BsC in Geology. Academic year 2013/2014.

Applied zoology of terrestrial mammals.  Universidad Complutense de Madrid. BsC in Biology – zoological specialization. Academic years 2010/2011, 2011/2012, 2012/2013.

Supervisor of several BsC and MsC thesis (University of Milan, Pavia, Rome and Palermo)



Morganti M., Rubolini D., Akesson S., Bermejo A., De la Puente J., Lardelli R, Liechti F., Caffi M., Ferri M., Boano G., Tomasetto E., Saino N. and Ambrosini R. 2018. Effect of light?level geolocators on apparent survival of two highly aerial swift species. Journal of Avian Biology 49(1):jav-01521

Morganti M., Rubolini D., Saino N., Caprioli M. and Ambrosini R. 2017.Rainfall, but not temperature, negatively affects growth of Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus nestlings. Bird Study. 64(2):159-167. DOI:10.1080/00063657.2017.1309006

Morganti M., Preatoni D. and Sarà M. 2017. Climate determinants of breeding and wintering ranges of lesser kestrels in Italy and predicted impacts of climate change. Journal of Avian Biology. 48(12): 1595-1607. DOI:10.1111/jav.01179 

Morganti M., Assandri G., Aguirre J.I., Ramirez A, Caffi M. and Pulido F. 2017. How residents behave: home range flexibility and dominance over migrants in a Mediterranean passerine. Animal Behaviour 123: 293-304

Assandri G., Morganti M., Bogliani G. and Pulido F. 2017. The value of abandoned olive groves for blackcaps (Sylvia atricapilla) in a Mediterranean agroecosystem: a year- round telemetry study. European Journal of Wildlife Research 63(1):26 (doi: 10.1007/s10344-017-1082-9)

Panuccio M., Martín B., Morganti M., Onrubia A. and Ferrer M. 2017. Long?term changes in autumn migration dates at the Strait of Gibraltar reflect population trends of soaring birds. Ibis 159(1): 55-65.

Morganti M. (ed.) 2016. Second Italian review of Doctoral theses in Ornithology. Avocetta 40(2): 91-96.

Morganti  M., Franzoi, A., Bontempo, L. and Sarà M. 2016. An exploration of isotopic variability in feathers and claws of Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni chicks from southern Sicily. Avocetta 40: 23-32.

Cusimano C., Morganti M and Massa B. 2016. Importance of meterological variables for aereoplankton dispersal in an urban environment. Italian Journal of Zoology 83(2):263-269.

Morganti M. (ed.) 2015. Italian review of Doctoral theses in Ornithology. Avocetta 39(1): 41-50.

Morganti M. 2015. Birds and climate change: a qualitative model for the adaptive potential of migratory behavior. Rivista Italiana di Ornitologia – Research in Ornithology 85(1):3-13.

Morganti M., Akesson S. and Pulido F. 2015 Decoupling of behavioural and morphological differentiation in a partially migratory bird population. Bird Study 62(1): 29-38

Assandri G. and Morganti M. 2015. Is the Spectacled Warbler Sylvia conspicillata expanding northward because of climate warming?. Bird Study 62 (1): 126-131

Morganti M., Aguirre J. I., Onrubia A. and Pulido F. 2013. Complete post-juvenile moult in first-year Blackcaps: proximate causes and adaptive implications. Ardeola 60(1), 2013, 45-57.

Morganti M. 2013. Male Blackcap singing while incubating. British Birds 106 (7) : 415

Morganti M. and  Pulido F. 2012. Invernada de aves migradoras trans-Saharianas en España In: SEO/BirdLife: Atlas de las aves en invierno en España 2007-2010, pp. 59-64. Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentacion y Medio Ambiente-SEO/BirdLife. Madrid.

Morganti M, Mellone U, Bogliani G, Saino N, Spina F y Rubolini D. 2011. Flexible tuning of departure decisions in response to weather in Black redstarts migrating across an ecological barrier. Journal of Avian Biology. 42(4):323 - 334

Saino N, Rubolini D, Serra L, Ambrosini R, Caprioli M, Morganti M and Spina F. 2010. Sex-related variation in migration phenology in relation to sexual dimorphism: a test of competing hypotheses for the evolution of protandry.  Journal of Evolutionary Biology.  23(10):2054-65. 

Contributes in National and International Congresses (selected)

M. Morganti; G. Bazzi; R. Lardelli; D. Preatoni; D. Rubolini. “Migratori trans-Sahariani svernanti in Italia: analisi della distribuzione attuale e futura basata sui dati del portale”. XVIII Convegno Italiano di Ornitologia. Caramanico Terme, Italy. 09/2015. Organising entity: CISO - Centro Italiano Studi Ornitologici

M. Morganti; D. Campobello; R. Mascara; M. Sarà. “Trends of neighbouring populations of lesser kestrels reveal intraspecific differences in response to climate change”. XVIII Convegno Italiano di Ornitologia Caramanico Terme, Italy. 09/2015. CISO - Centro Italiano Studi Ornitologici.

M. Morganti; Oscar Gordo; Francisco Pulido. “Trans-Saharan migrants wintering north of the Sahara: an adaptation to climate change?”. Congreso de Jovenes Investigadores de la UCM. Madrid, Spain. 28/02/2014

M. Morganti; O. Gordo; F. Pulido “Uccelli migratori trans-Sahariani svernanti a nord del Sahara: un adattamento al cambiamento climatico?” XVII Convegno Italiano di Ornitologia. Trento, Italy. 09/2013 CISO - Centro Italiano Studi Ornitologici

M. Morganti; G. Assandri; J. Van Heusden; A. Ramirez; J.I. Aguirre; M. Bulaic; F. Pulido “Partial migration and within-season movements in an Iberian Blackcap population”. V Español y XXI Congreso Ibérico de Ornitología. Vitoria, Spain. 12/2012. SEO- Birdlife and SPEA.

M. Morganti; A. Ramirez; J. Van Heusden; J.I. Aguirre; M. Bulaic; F. Pulido. ”Daily routines of wintering Blackcaps in Eastern Spain” 8th Conference of the European Ornithologists' Union. Riga, Latvia. 08/2011. EOU - European Ornithologists' Union

M. Morganti; F. Pulido. “Trans-Saharan migrants can adapt to climate change by wintering at north of the Sahara?”.  8th Conference of the European Ornithologists' Union. Riga, Latvia. 08/2011. EOU - European Ornithologists' Union

M. Morganti; F. Pulido “Trans-Saharan migrants wintering north of the Sahara: an adaptation to climate change?”. British Annual Ornithologists' Union Conference 2010: Bird Migration and Climate Change. Leicester, United Kingdom. 04/2010. BOU - British Ornithologists' Union. United Kingdom. Awarded as Best Poster of the Conference.

M. Morganti; F. Pulido “Trans-Saharan migrants wintering north of the Sahara: an adaptation to climate change?”. Second Conference on Bird Migration and Climate Change. Algeciras, Andalusia, Spain 03/2010. Fundacion Migres. Awarded as Best Poster of the Conference.

M. Morganti; U. Mellone; G. Bogliani; A. Ferri; F. Spina; N. Saino; D. Rubolini. “Dinamiche di sedimentazione del codirosso spazzacamino Phoenicurus ochruros durante la migrazione primaverile e autunnale attraverso il mediterraneo centrale: influenza del vento e delle condizioni fisiche”. XV Convegno Italiano di Ornitologia. Sabaudia, Italy. 10/2009. CISO - Centro Italiano Studi Ornitologici 

Editorial experience

I collaborate as Associate Editor for the journal 'Avocetta' since 2014.

I commonly work as referee for a number of zoological and ecological ISI journals (check out my Publons profile). 


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Twitter: @miche_morg

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