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Roberto Sacchi

Associate Professor
Address Sede distaccata di Viale Taramelli 24, 27100 Pavia
Phone 0382 98 7720
Fax 0382 98 6290
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Academic Qualifications

•  2004: - PhD in Animal Biology. Universtity of Pavia. Thesis entitled: "Breeding biology in
Chelonians: morphology, haematology and behaviour in relation with mounting
•  1994: Bachelor Degree (First Class Honours). University of Milano. Thesis entitled:
"Territorial behaviour and singing activity in the Scops owl (Otus scops)".

Academic Employment

•  from 2015: Associate Professor. University of Pavia.
•  from 2013: Member of the Teaching Board of the PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences.  
                    University of Pavia.
•  2013-2015: Adjunct Professor in Applied Ecology (6 credits). University of Pavia.
•  2013-2015: Adjunct Professor for the Laboratory of Zoology (3 credits). University of Pavia.
•  2011-2014: Member of the Teaching Board of the PhD in Experimental Ecology and
                     Geobotany. University of Pavia.
•  2009-2015: Adjunct Professor in Statistics for biologists (6 credits). University of Pavia.
•  2008-2015: Researcher in Zoology. University of Pavia.
•  2005-2007: Assistant to teaching in Zoology and Evolutionary Biology. University of Pavia.
•  2004-2008: Postdoctoral fellow in Zoology. University of Pavia.
•  2002: University fellow for young researchers. University of Pavia.
•  2001: University fellow in Zoology. University of Pavia

Editorial board

•  from 2013: Amphibia-Reptilia
•  2006-2012: Acta Herpetologica
•  2004-2007: Avocetta


•  Consiglio Didattico di Scienze e Tecnologie per l'Ambiente e la Natura
       Laurea Magistrale in Scienze della Natura
        [500853] Rappresentazione e analisi dei dati
        [505027] Laboratorio di Zoologia

•  Consiglio Didattico di Scienze Biologiche
       Laurea Triennale in Scienze Biologiche
        [502250] Ecologia Applicata

•  PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences


My current researches are in the field of behavioral ecology and sexual selection, mainly in
reptiles (lizards and tortoises), but I also worked on birds (owls and barn swallow)  and insects (dragonflies). I focused my interests on the evolution and maintenance of colour polymorphism, with
particular attention to the correlations of morphs with immunity, breeding success and
behavioural strategies. In recent years I expanded my work on ecological niche modelling
and morphological adaptations in an evolutionary perspective. I am also interested in
behaviour and ecology of crayfish and how we can translate the results of research into


ISI Publications     



Laboratorio di Acque Interne/Freshwater Lab

Unità di Statistica Applicata/Applied Satistics Lab

Mi.Pi.Pa. Herp Group

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